Welcome to Prestige Business and Social Club

Our Club is for successful professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners
Our primary goal is all about CASHFLOW, so you can enjoy your lifestyle without working harder and sacrificing your family time

We help you understand how to keep more cash in your pocket by paying a fair share to the government

If you fall into one of the following categories, we welcome you to join our club to help you achieve your professional and business goals and improve your cashflow:

Business owners seeking help/mentorship/connections to grow and move to the top
Successful professionals looking to increase their income and bring their business/career to the next level

Former business owners looking for a fresh start or alternative ways to increase their cashflow

Investors/entrepreneurs looking for collaboration, investment opportunities, and deal-making

How We're Different

We are 180 degrees different from other meetups, seminars, and group gatherings that you may be used to

We offer the best strategies, tools, and mentorship that allow you to increase your cashflow and move to the top
Our events are held at private clubs in three different cities for a reason: successful individuals of those cities have been meeting, networking, socializing, and doing business to bring value to the community

At Cashflow Business Club, you will be exposed to real successful people, professionals, and entrepreneurs

What We Offer

We don’t sell seminars or “get rich quick” home study courses

All of us are business owners and professionals who provide quality value to quality people

We are a well-established group that has been doing Cashflow games and success parties since 2013

We currently have over 500+ members (in multiple cities) and are growing

We like to grow organically by providing quality content and adding value to people’s lives

We host events every month and have people on a waiting list

Our famous annual BBQ event and success parties (including House Boat parties) are designed for deep and quality connections